Are you struggling to take your business to the next level of success?

Stir up that passion you had when you started. Pierrette Ashcroft of Smart Productivity Solutions will work with you directly to bring your strategy back inline with your dreams and goals.


Pierrette is an Evernote power user. Upon completion of a vigorous training program she became one of the few Evernote Certified Consultants in the world. Take advantage of her experience to boost your productivity. She'll work with you directly so you get up and running quickly. The time invested to master Evernote will pay you back multifold.

  • Learn how to structure Evernote to maximize your effectiveness
  • Create systems and workflows in Evernote to improve task and project management
  • Combine your paper and digital worlds in a way that will work for you
  • Organize all your business information so it's easy to find and share
  • Sharpen your skills and learn techniques you never thought of


Your passion was what drove you to start a business. You wanted the freedom to build a successful business you love. It doesn’t have to take over your life. Learn from an expect ways you can focus your efforts and build upon your strengthes. Spend your time sharing your talents with clients, not stressing over how to get more work done.

  • Learn effective and actionable steps to improve your Time Management
  • Stop living in our inbox, email doesn't have to rule your day
  • Get control of your paper and digital files
  • Achieve clarity on how to get Organized and stay that way
  • You'll walk away from the first meeting with a strategy to put into action immediately. Plus the continued support you'll need to make improvements.


Now, more than ever, you’re bombarded by information and demands on your time. Are you busy all day but can’t seem to accomplish what you set out to do consistently? It doesn't have to be like that. Learn how working with Pierrette can help. She won't give you more to do, rather you learn how working smarter will boost your productivity.

  • Become proactive, rather than reactive – completing work on time
  • Integrate tools and technology appropriately to enhance your success
  • Establish systems and workflows that support your effectiveness
  • Focus your time on work that propels you forward
  • Practice strategies that remove distractions & interruptions
  • Plan and prioritize projects that grow your business
  • Automate processes in ways that free your time to focus on priorities

“ Everyone’s challenges are unique and so are the solutions needed to improve your efficiency and time management. What would your business be like if you reached your full potential? There’s no time like now to invest in yourself and your business. ”

Bring productivity to your entire team with a workshop or presentation.