Praise For Smart Productivity Solutions

Miriam Schottland

Drive Lab, LLC

Pierrette is amazing! I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs more time in their day and organization in their life.”

M. Shurr

Washington, DC

I was very impressed with Pierrette immediately. She focused on what I wanted to accomplish and made some helpful suggestions to clarify my thinking. I liked her open manner and her self-confidence. She is a no-nonsense person; starts on time and is prepared to start the work. She is very efficient and works quickly and quietly; and lo and behold the work of the day is finished.”

Joan Carpenter

interior designer

How I ever got along in my life without Pierrette is a mystery. She has turned my life around with her organizational skills, her professionalism, and her vast knowledge of how to get things done. Quite simply, she has changed my life.”

Steve Hoffman

Good Note DJs

Pierrette is very, very good at what she does. She will help you unclutter your office; she will guide you to get rid of things you no longer need; and she will help you organize and reorganize the things you keep so that you can find them and use them.”

John B.

author and educator

Your services were absolutely worthwhile. I never would have been able to transform my office into a useful workspace without your guidance.”

Ann B.

landscape architect

Pierrette taught me how to use my time wisely and now for the first time I feel in control of my business and my time.”

Katherine Morris

Feng Shui practitioner

“Pierrette is skilled not only in whipping a chaotic assemblage of things into order, but a fabulous educator in the use of electronic tools and apps to reduce paper clutter and facilitate finding what we have to do. She is that rare professional whose intelligence and skills are as broad as they are deep. Pierrette is a brain trust when it comes to organizing and coping with day to day administrative elements and a joy to work with.”

Bonnie Z.


“I was getting paralyzed and overwhelmed with ALL the things I should be doing in my business. Pierrette helped me prioritize and come up with a plan. Now I begin my day reviewing my goals and end the day celebrating my accomplishments.”

Linda M.


Pierrette has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. After just a couple session I feel so much more organized. I highly recommend it. It’s worth every minute of your time and money.”

Kerry R.


Pierrette taught me how to schedule my time effectively using my calendar. It was eye opening. Suddenly I realized where my time was going. Now I treat my time as the valuable commodity it is and I’m getting more done in less time.”

Melissa L.


Pierrette totally transformed my life and the way I work. She taught me how to prioritize and schedule my day more effectively. Now I leave the office with the confidence that I got things done.”


medical doctor

Hiring Pierrette had such a beneficial impact. Surprisingly, this proved to be not only cost-effective but truly a cost-saving endeavor. This was a smart investment in my business and in myself. I highly recommend it!”

Joan Casey

real estate manager

Pierrette is the most organized person that I know and has a ton of tricks, tips and shortcuts up her sleeve that never would have occurred to me. She's also incredibly patient and provides excellent advice as you struggle with what to keep.”

Sally M.

M.B.A. candidate

Pierrette is extremely good at what she does and is an absolute delightful person to work with!! Thank you for saving me at the last minute.”

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