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Do these thoughts keep you up at night?

  • I’m losing the battle with all the stuff on my to-do list
  • It’s hard to focus with so many distractions and interruptions
  • I spend too much TIME on piddly tasks, rather than what’s most important
  • I feel overwhelmed and frustrated – afraid things will never change

You created a business doing what you’re good at. BUT, perhaps, it isn’t working the way you dreamed. Are there days you feel like your business is running you instead of you running your business?

You’re Not Alone

We all come with our habits of how we spend our time. Some people spend 2 1/2 hours a day trapped in email, react to everyone else’s requests rather than your priorities, and work long hours – unable to enjoy hobbies, time with family or grow your business. Want help to shift those habits?

I can help you find time where you didn’t know it existed and show you simple ways to take control.

Whether you want to feel confident your time is spent well, implement systems to create consistency, or get more organized, I help you achieve your goals.

I’ve heard it hundreds of times but it still makes me smile every time someone says, “wow, I never thought of that.” Identifying creative solutions is my superpower.

Are you ready to breathe a sigh of relief and escape the entrepreneur’s trap of overwhelm?

I’m here to help. With free productivity tips, online learning programs, and 1-to-1 coaching, I love helping people like you spend more time on what’s most important so you achieve your goals.

Want Productivity Tips Delivered to your Inbox?

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Pierrette is very knowledgeable and business savvy.

Her background in professional organizing has been an invaluable asset to the National Association of Productivity Coaches. I'm proud to have her as one of our Certified Productivity Coaches, and heartily recommend that you work with her to get more time, focus, and organization in your business.

Dave Crenshaw, Multitasking Is A Myth


My Journey

As the oldest child of entrepreneurial parents, I was statistically fated to follow in their footsteps.

At 14, along with a friend, we made cupcake candles decorated with colorful sprinkles and sold them at community fairs.

And a couple years after college I started a jewelry design business. Like so many entrepreneurs I did it ALL. And I mean ALL. Design, production, marketing, sales, geez I even learned HTML coding so I could design my website.

I’ve always been organized so I managed to juggle all those responsibilities but at a cost… I had no life. Sure I had a successful business, selling to major galleries and museums all over North America but I couldn’t enjoy any of that success. I was working 7 days a week and super long hours. I’m embarrassed to say there was a 10-year period when I didn’t take a vacation. 10 years!

Then one day things got worse.

A friend called but I let voicemail pick up and kept working. Her message was simply, “call me.” I planned to get around to it. A couple days later she called back, I hesitated but answered this time. She called to tell me her husband died. #!@?

I still tear up remembering how I let down a friend who needed me. How had I let my business take over my life?


That friend always encouraged me to find the silver lining. So her tragedy set me on a journey to take a hard look at my life and turn things around.

I studied with some brilliant business minds like Jack Canfield, Dave Crenshaw and Angelique Rewers. I implemented what I learned, created business systems and automated what I could.

I gradually transformed from an overworked zombie to having success without sacrificing what’s important to me.

Crafts Report magazine even wrote an article about my infamous 3-ring binder that documented all my business systems and procedures. Requests to learn my secrets led to the start of Smart Productivity Solutions. It was perfect timing. The market for handmade jewelry was declining while the desire to become more organized and productive was increasing. I already had a good business foundation and systems so I was able to transition pretty smoothly.

Since then I’ve continued my education and hold three certifications in organizing, productivity and Evernote.

The Silver Lining

Today I have a much more balanced life. At least most days. My computer automatically shuts down at 6 pm so I’m not tempted to work evenings. I’ve made up for all those years without a vacation by filling my passport with stamps from around the world. I still get goosebumps recalling the standing ovation for my double trapeze performance in Playa Blanca, Mexico. By fluke, I spent a week in the presidential suite in Bali, gratis. I zip lined in Kauai and British Columbia and hiked in several US National Parks, the Swiss Alps and the Great Wall in China.

Until recently, I considered myself a big city girl – living in New York City and then Washington, DC. Then my husband and I discovered Old Town Alexandria on the Potomac River. It matched our wish list with dozens of bars and restaurants within walking distance, historic cobblestone streets, a beautiful bike path plus water access for our kayaks.

A dog park is steps away but our search continues for a new canine companion. Any cute mutt could capture our hearts but she must be able to keep up with me on daily 6-mile walks. That’s when I get sparks of inspiration, creativity and problem solving.

Pierrette on Prince Street

Pierrette is amazing.

I had two important projects looming and was feeling overwhelmed. She broke down both projects into manageable steps, suggested useful resources and helped me think through how I could best move ahead. Before calling Pierrette I was focussing on the road blocks and that was costing me money. After just one meeting we made huge progress. I am back on track and can see how I'm going to accomplish my goals.

Jon Brown, transportation industry

My Mission

My proudest business accomplishment is helping professionals take charge of their workday and eliminate massive amounts of overwhelm and frustration.

I love to show entrepreneurs EASY ways to remove friction and coordinate all the moving parts of running a business. You don’t have to wait for tragedy to strike like I did.

I’ll help you accomplish what’s important in less time, so you can achieve your wildest business dreams.

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