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My Do NOT Do List

I try to follow the advice I offer to entrepreneurs so I've set boundaries to protect my time. Thanks for understanding that I can't respond to requests to:

  • Review your app, book, podcast or product

  • Uncompensated speaking engagements

  • Accept guest blog posts

  • Meet for coffee to pick my brain

  • Press requests writing on spec

  • Place advertisements on this site

  • Affiliate marketing for programs, courses, or product that I haven't personally used

Don't be scared off by what I don't have time to respond to. If you still have a question, send a message to pa [at] smartproductivitysolutions dot com. I read every email, but it can take me up to 3 business days to answer you. It can take longer when I'm traveling or on holiday.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Pierrette Abeel

Pierrette Abeel