Productivity for Entrepreneurs

From 1-hour strategy sessions to virtual and in-person coaching, I help you to:

  • Find time where you didn't know it existed
  • Focus on getting results to grow your business
  • Uncover the obstacles that guzzle up your energy
  • Implement the strategies that make you feel confident and proud of your work
  • Cut the clutter & chaos to make room for more joy

Let Me Help You Get There Quicker (With Less Stress!)

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Hi I’m Pierrette, your productivity coach

Do you know what I’m proudest about in my business? How many professionals I’ve helped to take charge of their workday and eliminate massive amounts of overwhelm and frustration.

I love to show entrepreneurs EASY ways to remove friction and coordinate all the moving parts of running a business.

I’ve heard it hundreds of times but it still makes me smile every time someone says, “wow, I never thought of that.” Identifying creative solutions is my superpower.

For over 29 years I’ve been an entrepreneur. Along the way, I’ve learned the most valuable lessons from my mistakes.

I’ve trained with some of the most brilliant business minds such as Jack Canfield, Angelique Rewers, Dave Crenshaw and Bernadette Doyle. I've also earned certifications in organizing, productivity, staging, and Evernote.

You have your own superpowers you need to share with the world. And I’d love to help you do that.

I’ll show you simple ways to take control. And when you have a hiccup, I’m here to get you through.

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Pierrette is an absolute professional with a keen perception at solving issues.

She is extraordinary at designing timely and efficient results. She changed my approach to productivity forever. Her services are worth every penny and the best business consulting dollars I have ever spent.

John Bergamasco, Financial Consultant



A 1-to-1 with Pierrette to get a fresh perspective and clarity. 

  • Bring your specific goal, challenge or process to discuss on our call

  • Get immediate feedback to jumpstart a solution 

  • Walk away with solid actionable steps

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Best for entrepreneurs who want to make significant progress in their business with 1-to-1 support from Pierrette for 3 to 6 months:

  • Create a comprehensive strategy to reach your goals faster

  • Discuss your personal challenges and dreams while you get immediate and honest feedback

  • Develop an action plan that connects all the dots and takes your business to the next level

  • Commit to your success and have someone to hold you accountable 
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Ideal for entrepreneurs who love to learn with guidance through a 90-day program

  • Learn skills through a combination of online learning and group coaching sessions

  • Get in-depth guidance on a comprehensive range of productivity challenges

  • Join forces with like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas and learn new perspectives 

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Perfect if you're looking to improve your business productivity one topic at a time such as implementing systems, managing email or avoiding interruptions:

  • Step-by-step path to improve productivity at your own pace

  • Affordable training you complete in the comfort of your own home or office

  • Unlimited access so you can revisit topics to reinforce your understanding

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Kathreen Morris Ph. D.

Pierrette is that rare professional whose intelligence and skills are as broad as they are deep.

She is a brain trust when it comes to organizing and teaching me how to accomplish all my day-to-day administrative elements and a joy to work with.

Katherine Morris, Ph.D. Successfully Single Men